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Matte Single-Colour MacBook Case Sets



INSTRUCTIONS: Please select your MacBook Model first (code A1XXX located under your MacBook) and then select the color you would like.

  • TOP AND BOTTOM SHELL SET, two-pieces cases easy to snap on and off;
  • MATTE, opaque, single-color case with no design;
  • Colored injected polycarbonate material covered with a thin layer of rubber oil coating for a smooth finishing.
  • Provides a full protection from dust, shock, scratches, scuffs and other daily damage.
  • Specifically designed for all MacBook sizes laptops including NEW MACBOOK PRO 16 (A2141) PRO RETINA 13.3 inches (A1502/A1425) NEW MACBOOK PRO 15 inches (A1990/A1707) AIR 11 inches (A1465/A1370) RETINA 12 inches (A1534) PRO RETINA 15 inches (A1398) OLD MACBOOK PRO 13 inches (A1278) OLD MACBOOK PRO 15 inches (A1286).

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