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  • HANDMADE ITEM: PERSONALIZED COLOURFUL DESIGNS, high-quality printing on Low carbon, non-toxic and clean hard cases in polycarbonate material
  • NEW! RUBBERIZED FINISH for the longevity of the case and better grip
  • Two-pieces cases, TOP AND BOTTOM shell, easy to snap on and off
  • Provides A FULL PROTECTION from dust, shock, scratches, scuffs and other daily damage
  • Specifically designed for ALL SIZES OF MACBOOK LAPTOPS
  • FAST SHIPPING! (Faster than ever! Can be ready for shipping within 3 working days)

          (Sorry we do not do other computer brands)

    Buy 2 Cases, Get Free Worldwide Shipping

    Special New Year 2020! Only $38.5 (300HKD) for our Signature Collection 4 in 1 by Shelee Carruthers.

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