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Can we purchase cases for laptops other than the Old MacBook Air 13 (A1466/A1369), the New MacBook Pro 13 (A1706/A1708/A1989) or the New MacBook Air 13 (A1932)?

Absolutely! We produce all the MacBook models including PRO RETINA 13 (A1502/A1425) • NEW MACBOOK PRO 15 (A1990/A1707) • AIR 11 (A1465/A1370) • RETINA 12 (A1534) • PRO RETINA 15 (A1398) • OLD MACBOOK PRO 13 (A1278) • OLD MACBOOK PRO 15 (A1286). 

IMPORTANT! Just choose the option Other MacBook Model and Select View Cart where you will enter your MacBook model in the space allowed for this.

Can I receive my order in my country?

Make it COLOURFUL ships worldwide. The shipping fees are included in the price.  

How long it will take between the moment I have ordered and the moment I have received my order?

This question depends on the country and we always choose the best option for you in order to be able to receive your order before 15 days and to be able to track the shipment. Some countries like USA are very fast and deliver within 8 to 10 days. 

Can we customize our design and print it on our own MacBook cover?

Yes. Just choose the Collection: Customize Your MacBook Case. This is a very popular seller. You will not regret it!

Can I print my name on the cover?

The Limited Collection allows you to print your name on the selected design. The Customize your MacBook Collection allows you to print your name on a picture you will have selected. The picture shall be not cropped and the highest resolution as possible. You will get the quality of picture that you provide to us. If the picture is lower than 1MB, you have chance that you will be disappointed as we will enlarge the picture the size of your MacBook so will probably see more grains on the cover. However, if you provide a very high quality picture, your design will be fantastic!

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