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Welcome to Make it COLOURFUL®! We offer a full protection for your child MacBook laptop, or yours, that contributes to build up their passion and self-esteem. By our sells, we are aiming to return some money to the community in order to make a difference for our planet. In our effort to Environment sustainability and the limitation of our print on this planet, Make it COLOURFUL believes in the production of quality over quantity and personalised over generic items. This is why we are proud to offer a one year warranty on our MacBook cases, and can comfortably say that they will last the lifetime of your MacBook. Our personal Service makes Make it COLOURFUL exceptional as we always ensure that you will receive the right MacBook case size for your device. You can not get this service from suppliers on Amazon aside the fact that we can produce any design on any size of MacBook laptop. With our 5 MacBook cases Collections, no doubt that you can find the right design for your MacBook especially, with our Print Your Name of it Collection that allows you to choose amongst 12 character fonts, you can create a unique case that reflects your personality. Register to our mailing list as soon as possible to get a 10% discount on your first MacBook case purchase and be the first to enjoy our twice a year sale. Complete your MacBook protection with our silicone keyboard protectors, colourful laptop sleeves, BioVibes chips and blue-ray screen protectors. We ship worldwide and our shipping rates and delivery time is comparable to our competitors, even on Amazon. After purchasing a product with us, you will be requested to leave a review. We always appreciate your feedback and aiming to improve our products. You will receive rewards points for constructive reviews. Please enjoy our website! Genevieve from Make it COLOURFUL

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